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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 10, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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follow me at bret underscore baier. thanks for joining us tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> shepard: the conflict in syria today takes an ominous turn. now, government troops in government helicopters are reportedly firing on innocent civilians in the street. and from the u.s. defense secretary, tough talk to our allies, saying nato faces a dim, if not dismal future. the pentagon chief takes a parting shot at our partners in the not war in libya. [explosion] >> less than half have participated at all. >> shepard: with american taxpayers picking up most of the tab. >> this is going to raise eyebrows.
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>> shepard: another rough day in court for casey anthony. >> hold the skull in your hand, sir. >> shepard: more graphic pictures of caylee anthony's remains. and the remnants of a little girl's life cut short. >> we need [inaudible] >> plus, new drama outside the courtroom. and a monster wildfire. threatening new trouble in new states. with more dangerous weather on the way. but, first from fox this friday night, the defense secretary on offense as fox reports live tonight. secretary gates is retiring at the end of this month and he is now telling america's allies they need to step up to the plate in our not war with libya. secretary gates speaking after a visit to nato headquarters in belgium. he says every single member of the alliance voted for the military operation, but that
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fewer than half of those countries have actually taken part in it guess who is picking up most of the tab, again? the national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. not very diplomatic talk from secretary gates, jen. >> he said publicly what he has been saying privately about nato for four years that nato may be a cold war relic that the u.s. can no longer afford. >> furthermore, the mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime and a sparsely populated country. yet, many allies are beginning to run short of munitions requiring the u.s., once more, to make up the difference. >> all 28 nato members voted for the libya mission but only a third are participating in strike missions. and a nato air base, we have found out, set up to handle 300 air strikes a day, shep, is struggling to handle half that. >> shepard: as for the cost of all of this, not the human cost but the monetary cost, one more time they underestimated the
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cost of a not war. >> well u the administration has said and said recently that it would cost $750 million through the end of september. that's what they budgeted for. now, we're told it will be at least $100 million for u.s. taxpayers to pay more than that. >> if you told the american taxpayers, as i just did, that they are bearing 75% of the financial burden of the alliance, this is going to raise eyebrows. >> well, three quarters of the cost of nato operations shouldered by one country, the united states, even though it was britain, france, italy that wanted the u.s. to go into this libyan mission and gates, as you know, shep, was he a posed to it but now the u.s. is baying for it. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. a wildfire alert and it keeps growing. the wire crews in arizona finally are making headway in the battle second largest forest
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fire in arizona state history. the so-called wallow fire in eastern arizona has scorched more than 600 square miles. in just a little more than a week it has burned dozens of buildings, about 30 homes and forced the evacuation of thousands of people. and now we're told that fire is threatening power lines, which supply electricity to places as far as away as el paso, texas. fortunately, the high winds that have been fueling this fire have died down today. crews are back in the skies dropping water and flame retardant chemicals on the grounds they are stepping up efforts to build containment lines. we're told it's 5% contained. not a lot but better. when folks will be able to return to their home is still a big question mark. >> i cannot speck speculate as to when we will let people back. in can i tell you we will not let people back in until it's absolutely safe and we're absolutely sure they will not have to evacuate again. >> shepard: that's important because crews say the high winds could pick up again tomorrow. casey stegall live in springerville, arizona.
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tell us about what the brave firefighters are facing now. >> shepard, a number of challenges aside from the shear size. the terrain is very rugged and remote. the fire is burning all around and in the apache national forest and the white mountains, so it is very difficult to move that heavy equipment in, to dig the containment lines. the thick smoke also risky for aircraft making those crucial water drops. tonight, more than 5,000 structures still remain in this fire's path, shep. >> shepard: any injuries out there or is everything okay? >> not really. and that is part of the miraculous news here, especially when you look at the scope of things. this fire has done damage larger than the city of los angeles and only three minor injuries reported. more than 3,000 firefighters are on the groundworking here. the vast majority of the 7,000 residents heeding the evacuation orders and moving to safety,
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shepard. >> shepard: casey stegall at the fire. thank you. what a day of gruesome testimony and tears flowing in the trial of casey anthony, the central florida accused murderer. the trial picked up right where it left off yesterday when casey anthony left the courtroom complaining of being sick and at some point today it looks as if casey might have become sick again as investigators talked about the condition of the skull of caylee anthony. the 2-year-old daughter of casey claims drowned in the family swimming pool. prosecutors say died at the hands of her own mother. phil keating is at the courthouse once again for us tonight. you know, today, phil, ended with yet another motion tore dismissal or mistrial, i guess, frankly. >> yeah, absolutely. they are calling yet for another mistrial because of what happened upstairs this afternoon the jury watching a 5 minute video presentation which began with a still photo of then alive caylee anthony smiling at the camera but then it mores through graphic animation and results in nothing more more than crime
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scene photograph of her skull found out in the woods with a piece of duct tape super imposed over the nose and mouth. prosecutors say that was all that was needed to suffocate and kill little caylee anthony. during this, casey scowling at the defense table. scowling at the tv monitors, shaking her head, clearly not liking what she was seeing. she never did look at the monitors today when bones, many bones were shown to the jurors on photographs. many of them having been that youd on and chewed on by animals according to testimony. the jurors did see the pair of shorts found with caylee's remains as well as the cute little t-shirt saying big trouble comes in small packages. the judge denied the mistrial. he said he could rule on that any time now until the verdict. >> bill: this jury heard the official cause of death. >> there has been through the autopsy never an official cause of death. what killed caylee anthony? it's homicide by unknown origin.
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well, the medical examiner got on the stand today testifying how she came to that conclusion. it's a totality of everything that's a factor here. the fact that the child was unreported missing for a month. the fact that it was stuffed into a bag. the fact there was duct tape around the skull and body. and the fact it was stuffed out in the woods. this logic the defense finds to be absurd. >> there is no child that should have duct tape on its face when it dies. we seen that in cases of homicide. >> your determination is circumstantial evidence is that what causes you to conclude it must be homicide because you can't explain it any other way? >> i explained to you the red flags that we know in forensics on behavioral science. >> you need to answer my question. >> i don't understand. >> chief medical examiner also saying to the jury, testifying that because of the degree of
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decomposition so great, all that was left, all she had were her bones, that was a contributing factor as to why you couldn't really pin down the cause of death. she also said she did test those bones for chloroform and xanax, but those results were negative which she blamed on the time. >> shepard: phil keating on the courthouse where this thing has become a real circus. emotions boiling over today as residents were fighting for seats at this trial. [shouting] >> shepard: pushing and shoving going on as folks lined up early this morning for one of the limited number of seats available to the public. some people accused others of cutting in line. and security officers say they had to force several folks to leave. because they wouldn't cooperate. >> well, thousands of sarah palin's emails from her days as governor in alaska are now public. state officials released boxes and boxes of them today. so what do they reveal? we are live in alaska next. plus, of the john edwards sex
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>> shepard: sarah palin has yet to announce whether she will run for the white house in 2012, but today the state of alaska released more than 24,000 pages of emails she sent or received during her time as governor of that state.
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of course, she is now a fox news contributor. alaska received many requests for the emails during the 2008 election. the state released them the old fashioned way, boxes and boxes of paper weighing in at some 250 pounds. no digital copies. so it will take us and the other news agencies some time to get through it all. anita vogel live in juneau, alaska. what have you found so far? >> shepard, a lot of what you might expect in these 50-pound boxes. a lot of typical exchanges that you might find in any governor's office. none the less, media organizations from around the country descended on juneau today to get their more than 24,000 pages of sarah palin emails. networks, newspapers, and web sites, live blogging the emails for the world to see. the former governor who is not a candidate for any other office has plenty of exchanges of constituents. letters of congratulations and even hate mail. she also had several back and forth on the scandal that became known as trooper gate.
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where she and her husband were accused of pressuring the public safety commissioner walt monegan to fire her ex-brother-in-law mike wooten the state trooper. the email says, quote, i still don't believe there were any monogan pressured calls. asked for sarah palin's response to all of, this she says the emails prove her to be a very engaged governor acting as a ceo of her state local pollsters say none of this spectacle will effect her potential candidacy for the president in any way. >> i don't think it's going to change people's opinions that like her. people that like her, love her. and that's not going to change. people that don't like her, don't like her. and that's not going to change. one last email we just came across a few minutes ago finds sarah palin praising barack obama for stealing her ideas on energy rebates. this was just before she was selected as mccain's running mate. she says, quote: pretty cool, wrong candidate. shep, back to you.
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>> shepard: lots of redaxzs in those emails. so we don't know the whole story. thank you very much. anita vogel live in juneau. police in spain now report they have arrested three suspected computer hacker in connection with that cyber attack on several companies and governments. suspects are senior members of an online collective known as anonymous: it's a group which has claimed responsibility for a number of cyber attacks in the past. we're told police found a computer server in one of the homes that linked the individuals to attacks on sony, on two spanish banks, on italian energy company and the governments of egypt, libya, and iran. as you may know, sony is still trying to recover from the attack on its online playstation network. in that incident hackers reportedly managed to shut down the service and steal the personal data of some 77 million people. well, it appears that spanish cucumbers are officially off the hook for the deadly e.coli outbreak across europe. investigators in germany now say they have determined that
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german-grown sprouts are, in fact, the cause. as you may negotiation the outbreak has killed 29 people and sickened more than 3,000 according to the government. the doctors say they have never seen anything like this. three people here in the united states have fallen sick and the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta warns that without bacterial evidence, folks should still be very cautious about what they eat. whatever that means. another day of huge losses on wall street capped off by a brutal week there. why investigators were selling up shares like crazy. that's coming up. plus, new developments in the scandal surrounding the new york congressman anthony weiner. police reportedly visiting the home of a teenaged girl, regarding some sort of online contact with him. the word from police on that matter. that's next. ananananannouncer ] the network.
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>> shepard: new york congressman anthony weiner is now reported to have contacted a teenage girl on twitter, which may be entirely innocent, but the new york democrat has admitted sending explicit photos of himself he met online and as far as he knows none of them was underaged, he says. now according to the reporting of, police have questioned the mother of a 17-year-old girl in delaware. certainly unusual. sources close to the girl say she started following congressman weiner on twitter after she saw him speak during a school trip to washington back in april. the sources say two weeks later the congressman sent her a d.m. or direct message. no word on what that message said or whether they had any more contact after that but, as i mentioned, police are on it. reporter tell us that that she was at the girl's house today and the officers also asking about other girls. congressman weiner insists he will not resign as some in his party are demanding, but the
7:21 pm
tide may be turning in his favor overall. today the house minority leader nancy pelosi said it's not up to her. >> i believe that it's up to the individual member and his constituents as to who represents him in congress -- represents them in congress. >> shepard: his constituents are still very much for him. 63% say he shouldn't resign in his district. speaker pelosi has called for an ethics investigation though and at least eight of congressman weiner's fellow democrats -- did i say majority? minority leader. i said speaker. i meant the minority leader. weiner, many of his fellow democrats are calling for him to quit, eight of them. well, lawyers for the former presidential candidate john edwards asking to delay his testimony in a case involving a purported sex tape. edwards then mistress rielle hunter filed suit against the former edwards campaign aide claiming he took a supposed sex tape of her and edwards. edwards' lawyers are arguing now that if he answers questions under oath now, that would violate his fifth amendment right not to incriminate himself
7:22 pm
in his campaign finance case. the prosecutors in that case say john edwards used almost a million dollars in campaign cash to cover up both his affair with rielle hunter and the existence of their baby. this was during the 2008 presidential race which john edwards' wife elizabeth was battling cancer. she died in december. john edwards eventually admitted that he was, indeed, the father of hunter's baby. the feds have to prove that he knew about the payments to convict him. stocks in the gutter today as investors worried over recent reports on the state of the global economy. dow jones industrial average fell to end sixth consecutive loss. that's the longest losing streak in 10 years. at the closing bell, the dow was off 172 to 11952. nasdaq off 41. s&p off 18. peter patterns have fox business live in d.c. it's been a while since we have had any really good economic news. >> that's right, shepard.
7:23 pm
president obama calls this recent weakness in the economic recovery a bump in the road but, investors are worried the economy might be headed into the ditch. weak numbers lately unemployment and housing, high prices for oil and gasoline. the administration, federal reserve, and many private economists say growth has slowed due to temporary factors. they expect growth to pick up in the second half, shepard. >> shepard: president obama's top economic advisor peter, says, this all boils down to one big problem. >> that's right. austin goals buy was out defending the administration's policies today. and he says cutting spending and the national debt are not the top issues facing the nation right now. >> the number one issue facing this country is that we grow. that we remain the richest, and second only to 300,000 workers in luxenberg, most productive workers in the world going out now, five years from now and 25 years from now. >> but, shepard, one of the
7:24 pm
other indicators that has slowed recently worker productivity. >> shepard: that's unusual. peter barnes live in washington. peter, good to see you. thank you. we reported earlier that the defense secretary robert gates had some strong words for nato concerning the mission in libya. so what will it mean for military operations there? and have the rebels there made any real progress? a live report from our not war in libya. that's coming up. plus, newt gingrich speaking today about the mass exodus of his senior campaign staff. ahead, what he says his plan is now. and a new report on why this is not the best night to give your teenager keys to the car. that's next.
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new jersey that fire southwest of trenton reportedly reached 12 alarms. took nearly six hours to put out and leveled the large part of two city blocks. a fire chief says it left at least 20 people homeless and sent three firefighters and one civil to the hospital with smoke inhalation. he claims somebody stole brass threadings from three hydrants in the area so crews couldn't connect hoses. and had to pump water from a river several blocks away. arkansas. a semi-truck smashing into a train southwest of little rock. police say the wreck killed that big rig's driver.
7:29 pm
an accident reports the driver ran his vehicle right into the side of the train's leaden gin forcing it off the tracks. one crew worker on that train injured. california, authorities say they are looking for two thieves who have been stealing wallets from baby strollers in downtown los angeles. can you see how these robbers operate on this surveillance video. one distracts the mom, and the other handles the snatch and grab. north carolina. stwrong winds raping steam off a church northwest of charlotte. the wooden structure crashing to the ground. no reports of anyone hurt. and that's a fox watch across america. >> it's the bottom of the hour full-time tore the top of the news. at least one senator says our not war in libya is, quote, going well. he is a democratic senator carl levin, the chairman of the senate armed services committee says he thinks we are going on the right direction in libya.
7:30 pm
meanwhile, the white house has not offered a time line on when the white united states involven that not war would end and costs to the taxpayers are growing past initial estimates. dan springer is live with the news benghazi libya. heavy fighting in that strong hold of ms. rat tax i'm told. >> yeah, that's right, shep. it was a bloody day in what has been a very bloody week for the opposition forces. they lost, according to reuters, outside of misurata 31 fighters today. another 110 wounded. we have seen the pro-qaddafi forces step up their attacks. they have gotten more aggressive. what's that's doing is keeping the opposition firefighters on their heels. they are playing defense, not able to gain any ground. that's why you are hearing the word stalemate being used more and more this conflict. neither side able to gain any ground at all, shep? >> shepard: dan, some harsh words as we reported earlier from the soon to be outgoing secretary regarding nato's libya operation. what's the reaction on the ground over there in benghazi?
7:31 pm
>> well, believe it or not, the ntc, the national transition council actually agrees with secretary gates. we're starting to see those first fractures in the relationship between the ntc and the nato operators here because they say the nc that nato is really not doing everything they could do. they saying there was absolutely no presence outside of misurata today. no helicopters, in fact, those apache helicopters have only been used two or three times. gates, of course, came out and said that some of the nato partners are running out of knew admissions -- munitions and only run half that they could be doing. the ntc saying they need more cooperation so those ground troops can actually get some help from the nato airplanes above. shep? >> shepard: dan springer live in benghazi, libya. syria government took a bold turn that disturbed much of the world. stepped up a deadly crackdown on
7:32 pm
its own people. and for the first time today, reports that the regime is using government helicopter gun ships to break up some antigovernment protests. the reuters news service reports that's what witnesses are saying. no word yet of those choppers actually killing anybody. but the activists say security forces opened fire on other protests across the country and killing today alone 32 people at least. the witnesses say most of the victims died when security forces shelled the city near the western coast. [chanting] this amateur video purports to show more protests in the capital of damascus earlier today. although we can't independently confirm the location because syria has banned all foreign journalists. officials in turkey now say thousands of syrians are flooding across the border to escape the fighting. many are now staying at makeshift refugee amps. the cia chief leon panetta is in
7:33 pm
pakistan working to ease tensions following the killing of usama bin laden. its director panetta's first visit there since the late night raid on bin laden's compound. likely be his last before expected confirmation of secretary of defense. president obama nominated leon panetta to take over at the pentagon once secretary gates retires at the end of this month. fox news is america's election headquarters. and newt gingrich says he is still in the running for president. a day after his campaign top of his advisors and key staffers jumped ship. here listen. >> let me say first of all i am a candidate for president of the united states because i think that we are in the early stages of the obama depression. >> shepard: the former house speaker says he and his staffers had a strategic difference. the advisors apparently did not agree with the strategy of cruising the greek islands instead of hitting the campaign trail. our chief political correspondent carl cameron live in washington tonight. he does have some staffers left,
7:34 pm
right? >> about a dozen, shep. and is he hiring. but he lost 16 and they were the senior folks. gingrich does plan a foreign policy people peach in los angeles this coming sunday. then he will participate in a debate in new hampshire on monday evening. his biggest challenge will be finding credible operatives in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. the first caucus and first primary. the walkout there have left activists very skeptical that newt will be able to continue in this race longer. >> shepard: then there is rick perry. some of his aides are among those who quit the gingrich campaign. >> perry is considering a run. he might be the anti-mitt, mitt romney that is. former campaign manager rob johnson and bob carney were among the operatives who quit the gingrich campaign. if perry decides to run insider who's say those aids will most certainly return to his side governor of the second largest state in the country with a strong record of face k58 and
7:35 pm
social conservatism perry could be a formidable rival to mitt romney. a lot of people encouraging him to get in. >> shepard: pretty big campaigns coming up. >> not go to the straw polls. get cast by activists when they get cattle calls large gathering across the country. asms straw poll in yaw takes place in iowa. a very big deal. poor showings by past candidates has ended their campaigns. elizabeth dole, dan quayle. straw polls take a lot of money and time from the candidates. romney's aides say they would rather spend their time and money on winning real votes than after going after already committed activists at such gatherings. carl cameron on the hill. thank you. tough new immigration law in the state of georgia may end up on hold at least for now. a federal judge is set to decide this month whether to delay the measure pending a legal challenge. civil rights lawyers are suing saying it is flat
7:36 pm
unconstitutional. this comes a day after alabama's governor signed what both supporters and opponents call the toughest immigration law of any state in the nation. similar laws in arizona and utah are also on hold following lawsuits over their constitutionality. planet blago is rocking tonight. it's all up to the jurors there they started deliberating the case in the retrial of rod blagojevich. they went home after a few hours today the former illinois governor facing charges that include that he tried to sell or trade president obama's one time senate seat. the first jury you will remember deadlocked after two weeks convicting our blago of just one count, lying to the fbi. but that jury didn't hear from our blago. this time he did testify. the search has intensified now for an indiana university co-ed who is missing. next, why police today set up checkpoints and stopped dozens of cards. word of a creepy crime. a computer repair guy who is accused of rigging his
7:37 pm
customers' computer so that he can see them when they are naked. and sometimes you just want to doughnut, don't you? a doughnut on a park bench on a summer day. that's the ticket. ticket indeed. that's next. [ male announcer ] look at this, bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly. producing products that save on fuel and emissions, and some that can be reused again. ♪ and promoting eco-friendly and safety driving campaigns. ♪ one team. one planet. bridgestone.
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[ male announcer ] when you come to new york from a place like detroit, no one expects you to influence the world of fashion. but en you gw up surrounded by rock 'n' roll and heavy industry, you just might make a name for yorself. ♪ that's what a blue-collar attitude can do in a white-collar world. >> shepard: impossible wait in indiana and one of the last people to see a missing indiana student submitted a d.n.a. sample to cops today one week
7:40 pm
after lauren spierer disappeared. the last time anybody reported to see her the 20-year-old, they say she was walking home bare foot and alone after a night of described as partying. that was around 4:30 a.m. a week ago today. police set up a check point around that same time. and in the same area this morning. stopping more than 130 cars in hopes that one of the drivers might know something about that night a week ago. but they came up with nothing, they tell us. despite that police say they are not giving up. >> we're not losing hope. i mean, we are concentrating completely on this case and finding lauren and we certainly want to find her alive and we hope that's the cases. >> shepard: hundreds of volunteers helping along with that lauren spierer's family offering $100,000 reward just yesterday. trace gallagher following this for us. trace, what do we know about this person who gave the d.n.a. test? >> well, that person, shep, is cory rothman, is he a friend of lauren. he is the one that walked her back to her apartment complex at 2:30 in the morning. apparently when they arrived
7:41 pm
back in the apartment complex, a friend of lauren's boyfriend didn't like the fact that cory had walked her home, so he punched him in the face. that friend then took lauren back to his apartment complex a few blocks away. and it was that friend of the boyfriend that watched her walk home alone at 4:30 in the morning. now corrie rothman's attorney says that cory doesn't remember getting punched in the face and doesn't remember anything beyond that but that he is cooperating with this investigation, shep. >> shepard: on a side item here, trace, there were dive teams out searching the water today? >> yeah. because police got a tip about some lakes in the area. so they sent dive teams out to nearby lake monroe. in fact, they did two separate dives, sending a number of divers down below. but at the end they failed to come up with any evidence, any clues about her disappearance. they may have more dives in the future. but today police and lauren's parents are asking people to check their surveillance videotapes. listen.
7:42 pm
>> if you is any video material, however insignificant you think it is. please provide it to us let the police look it over and analyze it for any leads that might come from those videos. the last known surveillance tape with lauren is when she left her apartment complex at 2:40 in the morning. two hours later is shah when she disappeared, shep. >> have had your computers worked on lately? police in southern california say a computer repairman rigged many of the computers he fixed allowing him to look through web cams without their knowledge. investigators report he took thousands of photographs of women in the shower or undressing. police this week arrested this guy, 20-year-old trevor harwell. they tell us they found some of his alleged victims but that they're still looking for more. police report he used spyware to snap the shots.
7:43 pm
they say a fake error message would direct users to put their laptops near hot steam to clear the sensor which explains all the shower pictures. >> it was a trusted piece of software it would send signals out to his server the computer son. when he knew that he would be able to activate the web cam remotely, turn it on and take pictures of the victims. he faces 12 felony counts of computer access and fraud. doctors in boston say they have successfully completed an face transplant on the connecticut woman who survived chimpedz attack. the family says she can't wait to eat a hamburger and pizza. you may recall she was trying to help her friend capture this run away chimp a couple years ago. the animal attacked her. frankly it ripped off part of her hand and most of her face before cops finally shot and killed it today the doctors said her prognosis is excellent. >> i'm happy to report that the
7:44 pm
team has achieved tremendous success in providing this match with a full face transplant. the face that her brother steve has described as simply beautiful. >> shepard: sadly doctors say they could not save nash's hands. the attack also left her permanently blind. just released video shows a train ramming into a passenger bus that had fallen off a bridge. and that tops our news on a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> brazil, you can see the train pit that pus bus in amateur credit video. the saw the vehicle and breaking at the time. it happened during morning rush hour in heavy rain. one report i understand skates the bus driver was in critical condition but that nobody died. passengers on that bus say the driver was going fast but they say he claimed he lost control because of the slippery road.
7:45 pm
china. a new round of heavy rains, floods, and landslides battering two central provinces. the rough weather reportedly killing more than 40 people. dozens more said to be missing and tens of thousands forced to evacuate. mexico. marines seizing more than 200 automatic rifles and tens of thousands of bullets have a drug gang just a few dozen miles from the south texas border. navy officials say those troops caught five people with weapons and military uniforms highway check point. those people led the marines to the stash of guns and ammo. i understand i can't. an artist in the southern state using his nose to paint pictures. he claims disabled children inspire him because they offensive have to fine tune other abilities to make up for the ones that they don't have. he has reportedly been painting with his nose since he was 10 years old. says he has written to the folks at guinness to see if he holds the world record for the skill. that's a wrap on this fox trip
7:46 pm
around the world in 80 seconds. going to a new york city playground without a child could mean a confrontation with the cops. two women found that out the hard way at a park last weekend in brooklyn. they say they stopped at a doughnut shop and headed over to the park across the street to chill for a bit. after sitting down to eat their doughnut they say a police officer gave them a ticket for being there without a child. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with the news. that's against the law. you can't be in this particular park without a child. >> that's the law in all new york city parks, shep. in fact, police were out in force over the weekend to enforce this law. another couple there at the same time as those two women actually recorded part of their confrontation with the cops. look at this. >> you can tell me why you are giving me this summons? >> are you recording me, sir? >> yeah. >> well, well you can do me a
7:47 pm
favor you cannot record it so i can speak to you. >> well i'm trying to protect myself. >> it's not going to help. >> the rules are right there. >> you cannot be in there unless you have a child with you, shep. >> what are the legal analysts saying about. this i get it, you are trying to protect kids from those who would do kids home. is this overpolicing? what are they saying snrntion certainly it might be. perhaps they should have warned those adults citizen instead and asked them to leave rather than ticketing. ask two lawyers you get two different opinions. we asked a judge. our own jeanine pirro. here was her take on this. listen. >> it's clearly designated. they passed an ordinance. the rules have to be followed. the cops are there to do it. and they knew they violated the rules. end of the story. >> but if that is the end of the story, those rules also say you can't be in the park in bare feet. you can't stand on the swings. there has to be no disorder live conduct in which case you could probably ticket pretty much
7:48 pm
every child in every playground which i guess would mean you could then have the adults in there. >> shepard: i guess you could. strange. >> just an idea. >> shepard: why not? thank you, jonathan have a great weekend. a massive wildfire raging out of control in eastern arizona now but it's threatening to spread to other states as well. the question is will the weather help or hurt the crews and their efforts to contain the thing. and nasa calls this the age of aquarius. fox reports on what aquarius is. and what it will do up in space. that's next. [ male announcer ] who's feeling power hungry?
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>> shepard: wildfire alert. crews battling fire in eastern arizona got a bit of break of mother nature today. winds have died down a lot. the fire scorched -- forced nearly 10,000 people to leave
7:52 pm
their home and a vast majority of this fire is still burning out of control. look at these pictures from nasa. new satellite image of the fire. the specks of red that you see here show how far this thing has spread and that huge dark area in the middle is the charred earth left behind. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth on the front lines now. springerville, arizona. how did this fire get so big so fast, rick? >> you know what? it's a great question. we're in such a significant drought across so much of the country right now, especially the south areas from louisiana over towards new mexico. take a look at the map and see exactly how far the drought extends and right here in this eastern parts of arizona we're all the way up towards exceptional drought. and we have two fires, not just this one burning here, shep, but there is another very large fire over 150,000 acres burning to the south of here around the mountains. when you see a drought like this like we are seeing, conditions are ripe for. this then you get wind like you
7:53 pm
get in the spring like we are seeing now, shep, you get these kind of conditions. >> what are we expecting over the next few days, rick? >> i will tell you what, we have had a good day and a half or so with the winds that have calmed down just a little bit. that's all about to change tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon. the red flag warnings come in again. winds around 25 miles per hour. sunday, monday, and tuesday, they increase, shep, up to about 35 miles per hour. so they have had one little window here of briefer, of calmer winds to help. that is all about to change. the winds pick back up this weekend. jump into some of these communities, shep? >> >> shepard: rick refresh your recollection controlling the weather maps with your ipad. >> yeah, i am. can you believe it? technology here in eastern arizona. >> shepard: that's awesome. i want to control the tv from home. i don't have to come in rick, thank you very much. nasa launched new satellite into space. a research satellite. the goal of this mission is to
7:54 pm
determine just how salty our sea water. >> one, we have ignition and liftoff of aquarius and the saxby observatory. >> shepard: took off this morning from vandenberg air force base. designed it to observe concentration of salt in our oceans. a link between the amount of salt on the ocean's surface and climate change so this mission could help them predict future weather patterns such as el nino. concern now at the site of a volcano on hawaii's big island. scientists say they're watching a lava lake as it rises there. they are worried that it could overflow the rim of that creator. this video shows the stream of molten rock now surging into that lake. temperatures there reportedly can reach 1300 degrees. we're told this volcano is one of the most active on the planet. erupting continuously since
7:55 pm
1983. from the middle of a freezing river with a cabin full of passengers, to a flatbed truck on interstate headed south. it's a plane that's been in unlikely places. the miracle on the hudson goes down next. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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7:58 pm
fuselage to a newsroom charlotte, north carolina. that's where the plane from the so-called miracle on the hudson will go on display. thousands lined up for a look at that jet as it made a 600-mile trek from a hanger in new jersey. you will recall it went down near midtown manhattan in that river back in 2009. a flock of geese disabled the engines but captain chesley sully sullenberger somehow managed to land safely on that water and everybody on board made it out alive. >> before we go tonight the team's top five things of the day. heat wave in wichita, kansas, winds so strong it knocked over trees. temperature jumped from 85 degrees to 102 degrees in 20 minutes. number four, fire crews in arizona now expect a massive forest fire there to spill into neighboring new mexico. number three, stocks today sunk like a stone or sank, i guess. dropping to the dow below 12,000 for the first time since march. number two, is
7:59 pm
reporting that police congressman anthony weiner may have had some sort of contact with by twitter and number one, the defense secretary robert gates says that many of our partners in libya need to play a bigger role in our not war there. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1978, the legendary stallion affirmed won the belmont stakes and captured the allusive triple crown. a fe tamplet -- at aissue plshed. the firm not expected to win. what follow dollars storied rivalries in horse racing history. it beat the favorite by 1.5 links. at the preakness affirm again beat him this time by neangeght at the final race at belmont affirm once again beat him once again this time in that photo


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